A Tribute to a Dear Friend and Colleague

We are deeply saddened to announce the passing of our dear friend and esteemed receptionist, Bonnie Diaz.

For 37 years, Bonnie brought joy and sweetness to those who visited or called our firm. Bonnie was, until her retirement, the most senior member of the Siegfried Rivera family, save only our founder, Steve Siegfried. Always the brightest light in the room, she impacted the lives of both staff and clients with her infectious laugh, her positive attitude, and her fierce dedication to making everyone she met feel special. She remembered everyone's face and voice, was always pleasant and joyful with never a cross word. On behalf of everyone at Siegfried Rivera, our thoughts and prayers go out to Bonnie's family and the many people whose lives she touched. We miss her and will forever cherish the memories we had together. May she rest in peace.