CAI Civility Pledge Can Help Promote Harmonious, Respectful Living in Communities with Associations

Laura Manning-Hudson
November 12, 2020


The contentious presidential election and political divisiveness of the months leading up to it caused the Community Associations Institute, the leading organization which represents the interests of communities with associations, to issue an important reminder. In its blogs and emails, CAI recently appealed to communities to promote civility and unity by adopting the organization’s Community Association Civility Pledge, which is a commitment to the following principles:

  • Each individual must be accountable for his or her own actions and words.
  • All interactions in the community should be civil despite any differences of opinion on a particular issue.
  • A vow to respect all points of view and strive to provide a reasonable opportunity for all to express their views openly.
  • Residents are engaged and informed.
  • Residents review CAI’s Rights and Responsibilities for Better Communities.

This commitment to civility, as well as a commitment to having more engaged and informed residents, helps to promote community harmony and safety. In these uncertain times, fueled by deep political and social divisions along with continued Covid-19 precautions and exhaustion, an association’s efforts to maintain a thriving community that benefits from responsible and effective leadership is extremely important.

To officially adopt CAI’s civility pledge, the organization recommends distributing the document throughout your community, and announcing and publicizing the board meeting when the adoption will be considered. During the meeting, boards should explain why it is important and beneficial for the community, review and discuss the merits of the principles, solicit input from homeowners, and hold a board vote to adopt a resolution endorsing the Community Association Civility Pledge.

Afterwards, the organization encourages communities to share the news of the adoption of the pledge with their residents and include it in every association meeting agenda. CAI would also like communities to complete and submit the civility pledge form on the organization’s website, which will add the communities to its state-by-state list of those that have taken the pledge.

Click here to learn more about CAI’s Community Association Civility Pledge.