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South Florida Attorneys Serving the Construction, Community Association, and Real Estate Industries

At Siegfried Rivera, our primary focus is on helping clients succeed. Since our inception in 1977, we have tirelessly served the South Florida community in all construction, community association, and real estate matters. Although experience has allowed us to evolve and refine our practice over the years, our core mission remains the same: providing every client with individual attention from readily accessible lawyers at the top of their fields. Whether you are in need of legal representation by a community association lawyer, you require assistance with a real estate transaction or you want legal advice on any aspect of a construction project, our firm can help.

We do not strive to be all things to all people. Rather, we are a boutique firm, providing specialized representation within our synergistic areas of practice: community association, construction and real estate law. Because of this focused approach, we have the depth necessary to undertake the most complex representations. Through our devotion to legal issues related to our three core practice areas, our attorneys have developed extensive experience and honed their skills in representing clients in need of quality representation, delivered efficiently and cost effectively. So, while our focus may be narrow, our legal knowledge in these areas is broad, helping us better serve our clients. It is this commitment to delivering practical, prompt, and high-quality legal services that has allowed us to enjoy the loyalty of our clients for over 40 years.

Our firm provides a full range of legal services related to our three core practice areas: construction, community association and real estate law. Here’s how we can help:

Construction Law

Our firm is one of the leading providers of legal counsel and representation in the construction industry. We represent all parties in the construction process, including project owners, developers, general contractors, design professionals, construction managers, subcontractors, and material suppliers. Our construction attorneys are experienced in handling construction matters arising out of both public and private projects. Our expertise is brought to bear on every step of the process, from project development and drafting of contracts—all the way through trial, dispute avoidance, alternative dispute resolution and appeal.

Throughout the years, our firm has assisted the South Florida community with various construction-related matters, including contract drafting and review, construction liens, defect, schedule, construction damage, warranty and surety issues. We are at the cutting edge of presentation and document management, leading to maximizing results, whether negotiated or adjudicated.

Our skilled team of professionals also has experience in representing community associations in construction defect claims, commonly known as Chapter 558 claims. The Chapter 558 process is complex, with numerous procedural requirements associated with pursuing damages for construction defects. Our attorneys are well-versed in the process and have been successful in obtaining favorable results for hundreds of community associations in construction defect claims. Contact us to request a list of our most recent results.

Community Association Law

Our community association attorneys represent condominiums, cooperatives and homeowner associations on a broad range of matters. Representing over 500 community associations throughout Florida, we assist clients with negotiating contracts for the provision of services, the collection of delinquent assessments, the enforcement and interpretation of restrictions and covenants, and the pursuit of construction defect and warranty claims. Our clients are diverse, ranging from high-rise towers to expansive homeowner associations.

Community associations in Florida are responsible for operating and protecting the interest of all members of their community. Once control of the association is transferred from the developer to the owners, the membership then elects a board of directors to act on behalf of all members concerning various issues. Community associations must hire an experienced attorney to counsel them through the different issues the community will likely face. Our homeowners association lawyers understand the complexities of community association law, always keeping up with ever-evolving legislation and case law. We will make sure your home--and most important investment--is protected.

Real Estate

Siegfried Rivera's real estate team is a cornerstone of the firm and is recognized as an industry leader at both national and international levels. Our attorneys represent a diverse client base in the real estate sector in all aspects of transactional real property law, with clients that include property owners, property managers, landlords, tenants, and lenders. Our broad representation ranges from handling typical transactional matters such as negotiating and drafting leases as well as handling property acquisitions, financing and investments to assisting with more complex issues such as negotiating exit strategies, tenant/landlord issues and assessing and managing potential risks and restructurings. We advise clients on a broad base of property types such as single family and multi family residential properties, shopping centers, office, industrial, mixed use and other types of commercial properties.

Our attorneys have vast experience guiding our clients with astute business planning and creative strategies to address the complex issues faced by the real estate industry. Throughout the years, we have seen this sector evolve. Our methods of practice have evolved with it to help our clients reduce risk and enhance profitability across their portfolios.

We never lose sight of our clients' best interests.

Through the good times and the hard times, we’ve got your back.

Our firm has seen our clients through the various challenges that arise on account of the ever-changing economy throughout the past four decades. When financial hardships hit, we've worked with a fierce resolve to come out on the other side--together. At Siegfried Rivera, our attorneys are experienced in helping the construction, community association and real estate industries navigate through financial hardships. Our firm's combined expertise positions us to maximize opportunities for our clients' businesses while optimizing recovery and protecting their assets.

Community Association Law

Our firm provided support to our community association clients who experienced financial distress through one of the worst economic crises the country has ever experienced—the 2008 recession. Our community association attorneys are well-positioned—and experienced—to help associations overcome economic challenges.

During financially stressful times, community associations must have the right legal team to handle collections efforts and assist in making complicated financial decisions that can have a significant impact on how the association will fare. Understanding that the foundation of every community is their financial stability, our legal team has fine-tuned its collection efforts, including demands, liens, foreclosures, payment plans and other methods that can assist associations in staying afloat through difficult times.

Construction Law

Depending on the economy's status, the construction industry could face a range of challenges, including financial hardships. The severity and duration of a distressed economy can dictate how recovery could unfold.

Financial challenges can lead to delays, unforeseen changes, or cancelations in construction projects. Our firm's construction attorneys can help construction industry professionals with contract renegotiation, non-payment, late payment, delays in work, issues with building materials and other related matters.

Real Estate Law

Our real estate team has a broad range of knowledge in assisting clients with complex business workouts, renegotiation of existing contracts, restructuring, repositioning, and other strategic remedies. We provide comprehensive support in connection with commercial real estate investments and transactions, making sure our clients are well-positioned to make difficult decisions with confidence.

Aviation Law

Our aviation practice represents commercial and private aircraft carriers and owners in a wide range of legal issues. Our attorneys have an in-depth understanding of aviation, which is why our clients rely on us to assist them not only when purchasing aircraft but also when selling one too. We also handle workouts and renegotiations, such as installment payment deadlines, lease terms, and delivery dates for both extensions and delays. Our experienced legal team also assists clients with labor issues caused by delays or shortages in the workforce and the renegotiation of salary and aircraft management agreements, among other operational issues.

Retain an Experienced Attorney to Protect Your Interests

Whether you need a condominium or homeowners association attorney, or assistance with a construction or real estate matter in South Florida, you should consult Siegfried Rivera. We represent clients throughout Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties. Call us at (305) 442-3334 or contact us via our online form.