Maximize Your Success When Disaster Strikes

For over four decades , our insurance team has proudly represented property owners who have been denied or underpaid for valid property insurance claims, helping them maximize financial recovery. Our experienced attorneys have protected the interests of hundreds of condominium and homeowners' associations, as well as commercial and private property owners throughout Florida.

Our team seeks recovery for a broad range of property damages, including damage from water, wind, hurricane, fire and vandalism. As skilled negotiators, we handle all stages of a case: proof of loss, litigation, mediation, arbitration, trial and appeal.


Water Damage
Pegged as the most common type of damage, water-related perils such as bursting water and sprinkler pipes or sewage backup from broken pipes can affect all properties. Most standard insurance policies exclude certain types of water damage from coverage. Our practice group has represented hundreds of clients with these claims. From assisting condominiums with multi-million-dollar fire sprinkler and water pipe breaks to helping commercial, hotel, and office buildings that have suffered severe water damage, we’ve handled it.

Unpredictable in nature, hurricanes and tornadoes can wreak havoc on homes and businesses. Hurricane and tornado damage claims can become complex. Our firm's insurance attorneys have extensive experience helping policyholders navigate hurricane and tornado claims. We also assist condominium associations, hotels and commercial clients in assessing the appropriate insurance coverage and developing plans for hurricane season. We are committed to helping our clients recover, rebuild and restart after a hurricane or tornado.

While windstorm damage is a covered peril under many insurance policies, policyholders’ windstorm claims are sometimes denied or underpaid. High-velocity winds can cause massive damage to roofs, fences, windows and even damage that isn’t easily detected. Often, insurance policies have limitations that cause claim denials or reduced payments. At Siegfried Rivera, we understand the challenges policyholders experience when a windstorm prevents them from running their condominium or business or enjoying their home. We handle wind damage claims to help clients recover what they deserve and need to rebuild.

Fire & Smoke Damage
Fire and smoke damage ruins property and destroys other tangible valuables such as clothing, art, appliances, family heirlooms, office equipment and critical business documents. Surviving a fire or smoke inhalation is difficult enough, and having an insurer deny a valid claim only fuels the proverbial fire. Siegfried Rivera insurance attorneys aggressively represent policyholders pursuing fire/smoke claims, helping clients recover and holding their insurers accountable for the promises they’ve made.

Concrete Overspray
With new towers constantly being erected all over South Florida, many buildings are damaged by concrete overspray or other damage caused by the neighboring development. Our firm has experience assisting condominium associations and other owners with filing insurance claims for damage caused by concrete overspray and handling any subsequent lawsuits. Our goal is to obtain the appropriate compensation for our clients, allowing them to begin the necessary restoration work and giving them the ability to repair the damage and get their building back to its pre-loss state.


Bad Faith
We resolve underlying claims and pursue bad faith lawsuits representing the insured in recovering extra-contractual and sometimes punitive damages and interest.

Commercial Property Claims
We assist businesses and organizations with commercial property and casualty insurance policies in actions against their insurance companies when their claims have been underpaid or denied. In the event of an insurance loss, our firm reviews the claim and represents the policyholder in recovering losses before filing the claim or when underpaid or denied. Our firm also advises clients on the proper method of handling and reporting claims.

Claim Presentation
Our firm advocates for the insured. We have skilled and experienced loss consultants who assist with claim presentation and document preparation. We also help the insured comply with the insurance company’s demands and post-loss obligations.

Coverage Dispute
Our firm analyzes clients’ insurance policies and conducts a full policy review. We advocate for the insured and represent them in disputes against insurance companies.

Our appellate attorneys assist in all levels of litigation and advocate for our clients throughout the legal process.

Alternative Dispute Resolution
We work to resolve claims prior to trial , and assist the insured in alternative methods of claim resolution.

Business Income Loss
At times, insureds have additional losses that are not limited to direct physical damage to property. When , businesses suffer monetary damages as a result of a loss, we assist in recovering lost business income.

Agent Negligence
We assist insureds in evaluating coverage shortfalls or gaps and recovering damages sustained as a result of agent negligence.

"We stand by our clients to make them whole again, advocating fiercely on their behalf when faced with unfair treatment from their insurance companies. Our mission is to bring justice and restoration to policyholders, ensuring they receive the rightful coverage and support they deserve in times of need."

Jason Rodgers-da Cruz, Shareholder



Our experienced team helps clients maximize financial recovery after a covered insurance loss.