Firm’s Lawsuit Against Suffolk Construction Involving New PortMiami Virgin Voyages Terminal Makes Headlines in The Real Deal

Siegfried Rivera
April 14, 2022


The firm’s lawsuit against Suffolk Construction on behalf of Suncor, a structural steel fabricator, involving the construction of the new Virgin Voyages cruise terminal at PortMiami completed last year was the subject of an article from April 6 by The Real Deal.  The breach of contract lawsuit filed in March in Miami-Dade Circuit Court alleges Suffolk withheld $2.6 million in payments, including for extra expenses accrued because the plans it provided were erroneous and incomplete.  The article reads:

. . . As the design-build contractor, Suffolk was responsible for the plans provided by the engineer. So, to the extent there were any errors or gaps, the accountability falls on Suffolk, said attorney Stuart Sobel, who represents Suncor.

“Suncor has done something like 100 jobs for Suffolk all over the country for 25 years. They had a great relationship with Suffolk until this job,” Sobel said. “And they are really at a wit’s end to explain why Suffolk has taken this position.”

Boston-based Suffolk declined comment.

Suffolk accused Suncor of delaying the job, but the steel contractor has proven that it did not, according to Sobel.

Contracted in 2020, Suncor brought to Suffolk’s attention errors and requests for necessary changes of the plans, which Suffolk was supposed to take “up the chain” to the design team and Miami-Dade, according to the complaint. Suncor also submitted change orders tracking the extra work and expenses.

Most, but not all, of the $2.6 million owed is for extra work Suncor had to do because of the shortcomings in the original plan. Suncor should have received responses, but its inquiries were either ignored or it received late and incomplete answers, the suit says.

“Nevertheless, Suncor was expected (and directed by Suffolk) to proceed with the work, even in the absence of an appropriate change order, time extension, or payment for the changed or additional work,” according to the complaint. . .

Our firm salutes Stuart for sharing his input on the firm’s lawsuit against Suffolk Construction with the readers of The Real DealClick here to read the complete article in the website.