Florida Governor Signs Senate Bill 382 Into Law

Siegfried Rivera
June 18, 2024


After a very active legislative session, we report another legislative update impacting community association managers. Florida’s Governor signed Senate Bill 382, which deals with continuing education requirements and becomes effective on July 1, 2024. Our summary of the changes is below.

Senate Bill 382: Continuing Education Requirements

This bill revises the continuing education requirements for community association managers (CAMs) licensed by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulations (DBPR).

  • A board, or the DBPR where there is no board, must approve distance learning courses as an alternative to classroom learning to satisfy continuing education requirements.

455.2123, Florida Statutes

  • Creates an exemption from continuing education requirements, exempting a community association manager from completing the continuing education required for the renewal of a license for a renewal period if:
    • The CAM holds an active license issued by the board or the DBPR to practice the profession;
    • The CAM has continuously held the license for at least ten (10) years; and
    • No disciplinary action is imposed on the CAM’s license.

455.2124, Florida Statutes

  • The DBPR and each affected board must adopt rules to implement these changes.

455.2124(3), Florida Statutes


The 2024 legislative session in Florida witnessed deliberations on various issues impacting community associations, ranging from short-term rental regulations to election procedures and emergency preparedness. While many bills were passed into law, others may require further refinement and consensus-building in future sessions. As community associations navigate these legislative changes, stakeholders must stay informed and actively participate in the process to shape policies that reflect their communities’ interests and needs.

This year, we experienced an active legislative session, with many changes impacting community associations. If you have any questions about the abovementioned changes, please contact our office. To request our complete legislative update, please email Stephanie Bowman at or call 305-442-8536 with your request. We will continue to update you on any additional information.