More Presentations on New Florida Condominium Association Law Are Taking Place

Siegfried Rivera
July 28, 2010


The new Florida condominium association law that went into effect on July 1 is creating a great deal of confusion and questions at many properties, and the presentation from our condominium association lawyers about the new law has become very popular with South Florida property managers and associations. On Tuesday, July 27, the firm’s Roberto C. Blanch and Joseph Miles conducted the latest presentation for a group of more than 30 property managers from Miami Management, Inc., and a significant portion of the attendees stayed for an extra hour after the presentation to have their specific questions answered by the attorneys.

The new law, which we have covered extensively in some of our most recent blog posts, is creating questions and concerns at many properties regarding the suspension of services and amenities for unit owners who are more than 90-days delinquent in the payment of their monthly fees. Many condominium associations are unsure if they can suspend such services as cable television, valet parking, porters, etc., as the law does not specify which common elements and amenities are now able to be revoked by the association from their delinquent unit owners.

In addition, there are many questions from property managers and the rental tenants of delinquent owners about the law’s provision that enables associations to collect the rent payments directly from the tenants of owners who are not paying their fees. There are many properties that have been financially burdened by unit owners who are collecting rent yet not paying their monthly assessments, and this change in the law is also unclear and does not specify how the associations should collect and apply the tenants’ rent payments to the unit owners’ accounts.

As the confusion over the new law continues to unfold, our attorneys who focus on condominium associations and homeowners associations will continue to provide a thorough and insightful presentation on the changes to groups of South Florida property managers and association members/officers. To learn more about the possibility of attending or arranging a presentation, contact us toll-free at 1-800-737-1390.