Pace of Sales at New Luxury Tower Highlights Downtown St. Petersburg’s Condo Boom

Fern F. Musselwhite
May 1, 2015


A report earlier this week in the Tampa Bay Times about the brisk pace of sales at the new One St. Petersburg luxury condominium illustrated the changes that are taking place in the city’s downtown area. The article reported that buyers at the new development, which at 41 stories will be the tallest building in the city, have reserved 104 of the 253 units since they were introduced a few months ago, totaling more than $106 million in sales.

Located at First Street and First Avenue N., the new tower is attracting residents with its prime location near the downtown waterfront and its many restaurants and shops. Other nearby offerings, including the Salvador and Bliss condo towers, are also enjoying strong presales.

As this article shows, condominium development in areas outside of South Florida has joined the pace of what we’ve seen in the South Florida market. Below is an artist rendering of the new towers flanked by two neighboring buildings, and the complete article can be found by clicking here.