Stuart Sobel Appears on Channel 10 News to Discuss Unsuccessful Legal Challenge Against Port Tunnel Project

Siegfried Rivera
December 16, 2011


Sobel Melendi Photo.JPGThe firm’s Stuart Sobel appeared on the evening newscast for Channel 10 News in South Florida on Wednesday, December 14, to discuss the unsuccessful challenge to the Port of Miami Tunnel project by Chalks Airline, Inc., the operator of the sea plane base at Government Cut. Stuart represents Bouygues Civil Works Florida, Inc., the constructor of the Miami Access Tunnel, for the public-private partnership among the Florida Department of Transportation and MAT Concessionaire, LLC, the concessionaire chosen to design, build, operate and maintain the tunnel.

Click here to watch the story and listen to Stuart’s explanation as to why the court declined an emergency injunction to halt the digging operation based on his arguments on behalf of his client.