Annual Meetings and Meeting Packages

The firm’s community association lawyers regularly prepare meeting packages for both annual meetings of the members and special meetings of the members. Our meeting packages are comprehensive and specially tailored to each community’s governing documents. Our packages include a letter to the owners clearly outlining the purpose of the meeting, the vote required for any item to be voted upon, and instructions in order to ensure that each owner’s vote counts. Our meeting packages also include limited proxies allowing owners who will be unable to attend the meeting in person to select an individual to attend the meeting on their behalf and vote in the manner that the unit owner has indicated.

Depending on a community’s governing documents, unit owners may be required to execute a voting certificate designating who is entitled to vote on behalf of their unit or parcel. For example, many communities require a voting certificate when a unit or parcel is owned by a corporation or other legal entity.

Our attorneys carefully review the voting certificate requirements in a community’s governing documents in order to prepare voting certificates designed to meet the specific needs of the community. The firm’s community association lawyers also prepare agendas for special meetings of the board of directors to adopt budgets and special assessments as well as agendas for regular meetings. Every community is different, and our meeting packages reflect the diverse needs of each client.