Community Association Administration and Operations

Our community association attorneys take pride in providing highly informed and reliable legal counsel to associations throughout Florida. We regularly advise our community association clients on matters related to their day-to-day operational decisions, and our attorneys are committed to providing our association clients with personalized services that are tailored to their community’s needs.

No matter what type or size of community, the day-to-day operational decisions affect all types of associations. These decisions may often seem to be straightforward and free of legal issues, but one small misstep can land an association in legal hot water. Our attorneys work very closely with association board members and property managers to ensure that all decisions are made within the parameters of the law and in accordance with the community’s governing documents. These day-to-day operational decisions include matters involving the fiduciary duties of directors, amending and restating governing documents, the interpretation and enforcement of those documents, board meetings, election issues, and negotiating, preparing and enforcing vendor contracts.

Many of the day-to-day operational issues that we work on for our association clients involve the community’s rules and regulations. A hot-button topic that is affecting nearly every community across Florida is that of service animals. Although denying a pet in a “no pet” building should be an easy day-to-day operational decision, this is often not the case. A community association in Broward County recently settled a lawsuit filed by a woman whose service animal was denied access by the association. The price tag for this off the mark day-to-day decision was a whopping $300,000. With experienced legal counsel advising board members and property managers on day-to-day operational decisions, community associations can avoid these types of costly legal predicaments.