Construction Insurance

Our attorneys have significant experience in handling insurance-related issues in the realm of construction, commercial property and private property. Various types of insurance are procured during a construction project or to protect commercial or private property.

Liability Insurance

Commercial General Liability, or CGL insurance, provides “third party” coverage by indemnifying an insured from liability for sums it becomes obligated to pay due to bodily injury or property suffered by a third party.

GCL insurance, in some instances, provides coverage for liability incurred due to damage caused by construction defects, along with bodily injury or other property damage caused by accidents on a project. An insurance company’s obligations under the CGL policy include providing both defense and indemnity to its insured.

A CGL policy is complex, and it must be read and interpreted paying special attention to the various endorsements, exclusions and exceptions in the policy. CGL insurance has been the subject of significant litigation in recent years, and it is an area of the law that is constantly evolving. Our attorneys specialize in understanding, interpreting and advocating for the insureds as well as the claimants with respect to CGL policies. We are available to ensure that the proper coverage is procured pre-construction, resolve disputes with insurers, and to ensure that all available protection is provided to the insured and claimant.

Professional Liability

Professional Liability policies are a different type of policy which provides coverage for liability for damages a professional suffers due to its negligence. Although Professional Liability policies are somewhat similar to CGL policies, they have their own intricacies and nuances of which one must be aware.

Property Insurance

Builder’s Risk policies provide a form of first-party property insurance for a project during construction. If an insured suffers a fire, theft, hurricane or other loss which causes damage to a project during construction, its Builder’s Risk policy and coverage is likely implicated.

In addition to having significant experience negotiating and, when necessary, litigating Builder’s Risk claims, our attorneys have significant experience with both commercial and residential property insurance claims resulting from loss due to hurricanes, fire, theft and other covered causes of loss.

If you have an insurance-related issue involving the type and amount of coverage you should procure prior to commencing construction, or insurance related disputes mid-project or after completion, our construction attorneys are available to provide highly informed and experienced legal guidance and representation.