A Message from Our Managing Partner: One Year Post COVID-19 Closures

Siegfried Rivera
March 15, 2021


It is hard to believe that we are officially one year into the COVID-19 pandemic. As the entire world continues to battle the virus and adjusts to the daily changes in protocol and restrictions, our firm remains fully operational, staying up-to-date with the latest news and making decisions based on those developments.

With our staff’s, clients’, and families’ health and safety remaining of utmost importance, our firm continues to operate with a majority of our attorneys and support staff working remotely. We are happy to say that we have all remained safe during this time and the initial closures never caused any interruptions or delays in service. We have also pivoted in the way we serve our clients by upgrading our network’s infrastructure and making improvements to how we conduct business, such as enhancing our data security and offering digital document signature options as well as online notaries. Though we’ve all had to overcome our own set of challenges, we have conquered them together and have only become stronger.

At the onset of state-wide closures back in March of 2020, we prioritized being a valuable resource to our community. This is why we have shifted the way we host events in the past year and have offered numerous webinars focused on topics we feel will help our community association, construction, and real estate clients. Additionally, we authored various articles and designated a portion of our website to address COVID-19 related issues/topics. Together with our clients, we navigated these uncharted waters and provided as much information as possible to help address obstacles brought on by the pandemic. We have always believed in the value of information, and we hope that our efforts helped guide you through these difficult times.

As we approach the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel, we want to continue providing useful information to our community. We welcome you to reach out to us via the “Contact Us” box on the right with any article or webinar topic ideas you would like addressed. Until then, stay tuned for more events and a special announcement regarding the growth of our firm. We hope to continue to provide you with the personalized professionalism you have come to expect from us today and all the days that follow.

Stay safe,

Steven M. Siegfried