New ISO Form Alters Coverage Afforded to “Additional Insured”

B. Michael Clark, Jr.
June 3, 2013


The Insurance Services Office (ISO), which issues forms widely used in the construction industry, released a new additional insured endorsement form on April 1, 2013 to be appended to Commercial General Liability (CGL) policies. The new form includes a number of provisions of which members of the construction industry should be aware.

Coverage Limited by Contract

The new form provides that both the scope and amount of coverage will be limited to that required by the underlying contract. Therefore, if the policy provides $10 million of liability coverage, but the contract, for example, between owner and contractor requires contractor to provide owner with coverage as an additional insured in an amount of $1 million, the owner is only insured for $1 million irrespective of the limits of the policy. Additionally, if the contract specifically prescribes the scope of coverage which the contractor is to provide that is narrower than the coverage afforded under the policy, the contract scope governs.

Finally, under the new endorsement, coverage is limited to the “extent permitted by law.” Consequently, if the indemnity required by the contract is limited or otherwise extinguished for a failure to comply with Fla. Stat. 725.06, insurance coverage may be jeopardized as well.

Insurance related issues are common on construction projects. When issues or doubts exist as to the coverage your firm enjoys, it is best to contact a qualified attorney to review the policies at issue and advise you of the rights you do and do not enjoy.