Overview of Limitation of Liability Clauses in Construction Contracts Under Florida Law Now Available on Our Website

Siegfried Rivera
June 18, 2012


Michael Clark Gort photo.jpgOur South Florida construction law attorneys regularly conduct seminars and presentations on the latest legal and business issues affecting the construction industry. One of the most recent presentations was prepared and conducted by the firm’s Michael Clark, and it features an overview of the various types of Limitations of Liability Clauses in construction contracts, and how those clauses are interpreted under Florida law. The clauses addressed in the presentation include: 1) waivers of consequential damages, 2) liquidated damages, 3) no damages for delays, 4) exculpatory provisions expressly limiting liability, and 5) indemnification provisions.

Feel free to contact Michael at our Coral Gables office with any questions that you may have about the information that he covers or to inquire about the possibility of scheduling this presentation for your organization.