Educational, Professional Resources Enable Owners to Answer Call of Community Association Board Service

Marc A. Smiley
June 27, 2019


Those who reside in communities with associations should view board membership in the same vein as a civic duty. An effective board is essential for the financial and administrative wellbeing of associations, so all eligible unit owners should consider running for the board of directors as their contribution back to their community.

In no way are the responsibilities of serving as a director too complex and demanding for the capabilities and skillsets of most association unit owners. What it requires is their time and dedication, but not to the point where it becomes too daunting for the average owner.

To be a successful board member, it is essential to make effective use of the professional and educational resources that are available. This begins with relying on highly qualified and experienced professionals such as attorneys, property managers, accountants, insurance brokers, etc.

At the start of one’s board service, Florida law requires that new board members become certified within 90 days of taking office. The best way to do so is by attending an educational course that has been certified by the Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulation, such as the board member certification seminars offered by our firm on a regular basis. These seminars enable board members to gain a keen understanding for everything that the position entails. They cover all the basics of community association governance and the laws which are involved, and they also touch on some of the most common problem areas that boards regularly encounter.

Board members should also make use of the ample online resources that offer the most vital information for associations. The Community Associations Institute, which is the largest organization representing community associations in the world, offers a great deal of helpful articles and guides at Also, this blog is one of the leading sources for information for community associations in the state, and we encourage association members to enter their email address in the subscription box to the right to automatically receive all of our future articles.

Expos and events that are aimed at community associations and its members are also very helpful, as are publications such as the Florida Community Association Journal and Florida Condo News.

Those who are considering board service should first take part in their association’s meetings and perhaps serve on one of its committees prior to seeking election for a board seat.

Owners in community associations should answer the call of service to their fellow neighbors by serving on their board of directors. By making effective use of the resources that are available to directors, they can become equipped to make important contributions to the financial and administrative operation of their community.