Condominium Warranty

The "turnover" of control of a community association from the control of a developer-appointed board of directors to a board of directors elected by the unit owners is the single most important event in the existence of a community association.

The new unit owner board of directors is faced with a multiple challenges in its first years which include reviewing the turnover audit to determine financial claims, reviewing marketing and promotional material to determine whether the community association was delivered as promised and reviewing whether all of the improvements were built in accordance with applicable building codes, consistent with industry standards, and in accordance with the plans and specifications.

We have a dedicated team of professionals including attorneys, engineers and paralegals that have been involved with hundreds of turnovers that use their vast experience to ensure that your turnover is smooth, that your rights are fully protected, and that all of your claims are prosecuted competently and expeditiously.

Basic Services

  • Turnover Meetings and Review of the Delivery and Receipt of Turnover Documents
  • Assisting in the selection and hiring of turnover auditors, engineers and other consultants
  • Reviewing Marketing, Promotional Material and Plans and Specifications to determine construction claims
  • Reviewing Budgets, Guarantees and Capital Contribution Accounts to determine financial claims
  • Chapter 558 Inspections and Procedures
  • Negotiating Repair Protocols
  • All aspects of state and federal litigation for construction warranty claims, from settlement negotiations through trial, including arbitrations and mediations
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