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Siegfried Rivera has proudly represented community associations for more than 45 years, with client relationships dating back to our firm's inception. We cater to a diverse array of condominium and homeowners' associations, spanning a wide spectrum of styles. Our representation extends to associations of varying sizes, ranging from as few as three units or parcels to as large as 3,000 and everything in between. We also handle various association types, including single-purpose and mixed-use properties. This comprehensive approach sets us apart from other law firms that may lack experience handling the different brands of associations we serve.

Our firm also assists associations when it comes to resolving disputes. With a team of highly skilled and experienced attorneys, we are equipped to handle litigation and arbitration proceedings on behalf of our clients. Whether navigating complex legal matters, advocating for their interests in court, or facilitating alternative dispute resolution methods, we are dedicated to achieving favorable outcomes for the associations we represent.

Our attorneys are recognized leaders in the field through published articles, speaking engagements and industry group leadership positions. We understand the complexities of community association law and the ever-evolving issues that associations face.

Our Services
  • Interpretation of association governing documents
  • Preparation of amendments to association governing documents
  • Enforcement of association governing documents
  • Applicability of division of condominium regulations and state law to operation of association
  • Legal counsel on all day-to-day operational decisions of the association
  • Collection and enforcement of association assessments
  • Lien and foreclosure of past due assessments
  • Drafting and negotiation of service provider contracts
  • Preparation of meeting packages for annual and other meetings
  • Attendance at and legal counsel regarding elections of directors
  • Legal counsel to ad-hoc owner's committees prior to turnover
  • Preparation for and attendance at association turnover meetings
  • Construction defect claims
  • Pursuit of statutory and other construction warranty claims
  • Review and negotiation of loan/line of credit documents
  • Community association administration and operations
  • Review of short sale packages
  • Condominium terminations
"Our success is rooted in relationships, and we take pride in standing by the communities we've served since our inception in 1977.”

Lisa A. Lerner, Shareholder



Defending Your Community From the Start

The transition of control from a developer-appointed board of directors to a board elected by unit owners, known as "turnover," marks a pivotal moment in the life of a community association. It is a critical event that shapes the association's future. During the initial years of the new unit owner board's tenure, they face numerous challenges. These include conducting a thorough review of the turnover audit to assess financial claims, examining marketing materials to ensure the community association was delivered as promised, and verifying that all improvements were constructed in compliance with building codes, industry standards, and the approved plans. To navigate these complexities, our firm has assembled a dedicated team of professionals, including experienced attorneys, engineers and paralegals, to help clients at the beginning stage of their community's life.

With our team's extensive expertise and track record of handling countless turnovers, we are committed to ensuring a seamless transition, safeguarding your rights, and diligently pursuing your claims with efficiency and competence.

  • Turnover meetings and review of the delivery and receipt of turnover documents
  • Assisting in the selection and hiring of turnover auditors, engineers and other consultants
  • Reviewing marketing, promotional material and plans and specifications to determine construction claims
  • Reviewing budgets, guarantees and capital contribution accounts to determine financial claims
  • Chapter 558 inspections and procedures
  • Negotiating repair protocols
  • All aspects of state and federal litigation for construction warranty claims, from settlement negotiations through trial, including arbitrations and mediations
"At the heart of our practice are some of the state's most formidable and seasoned attorneys, adept at navigating construction defects within associations. We are proven advocates for our clients."

Gary M. Mars, Shareholder


Recovery of Unpaid Assessments

For many years, our team of collections attorneys and skilled paralegals have been dedicated to aiding
clients in collecting overdue assessments. Siegfried Rivera has been at the forefront of developing
dependable and assertive strategies for collections, ensuring that cases are resolved in a timely and
affordable manner. Our collections department is comprised of dedicated professionals experienced in
managing a significant volume of collection cases. To enhance client satisfaction, we provide detailed
reports that empower clients to oversee and track their accounts.

We recognize the weight of unpaid assessments and the potential harm they can inflict on the operation
of community associations. Therefore, our ultimate goal is to help our clients get paid when they need it

  • Collection and enforcement of association assessments
  • Lien and foreclosure of past due assessments
  • Review of short sale packages


Our industry-leading team includes seven board-certified attorneys in condominium and planned development law.


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